Name: David Ricardo


Company name: Aelyon

Value proposition: Our country is notoriously known for it’s agriculture products. And the largest one is palm oil. Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer and exporter in the world. The problem is, palm oil plantation and other agriculture sectors in Indonesia have become the major causes of deforestation in our country for land expanding because it seem the only option to increase the yield of the farming productionWe will provide on land smart and self powered sensors to capture everything in the crops,24/7. Our other services is Multispectral Remote Sensing using drones equipped with NDVI camera. We incorporate both methods data and process the data into powerful agronomic dataset to optimize nutrients distribution and much more accurate predictions and enable the growers to increase the yield without necessarily expand the land.

How much money are you looking to raise in this round: 500000

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Number of your team member: 5

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