Kalpha is a peer to peer mobile platform where individuals can connect and meetup to learn and share any skills, knowledge and experiences on a 1-to-1 basis.

Welcome to Kalpha, a community platform where everyone is empowered to teach and learn skills, knowledge and real-life experiences. We’ve built a mobile application network where people can connect and learn anything on a 1-to-1 and face-to-face basis from one another. Sharing sessions can be arranged anywhere and anytime between learners and sharers.

The most important aspect that we bring to you is the quality of the sharing sessions, not the sharer’s qualifications. Furthermore, we ensure that it’s budget-friendly by capping sharing session prices and encourage people to share their knowledge and skills for free if possible. Learners have the option to reward their sharers based on their own discretion after every successful sharing session concludes.

JACK SOH and JADEN TEO – Founders of Kalpha


Founded – 2018

Nest Tech invested – 2018