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Recruitment is not always an easy job, and recruiting for startups to hire suitable talents can be even more difficult. A startup is an early-stage company with a limited salary budget, lacking recruiting experience, it is inevitable to hire the wrong personnel. Therefore, it’s important for founders need to be learnt how to improve their decisions of hiring.

Here are some small but useful tips for startups:

1. Building Legendary Branding Stories​

What you need to do from the beginning of the idea of starting a business, or parallel to recruiting for your Startup, is to build a personal brand, and to show clearly vision and mission of the Startup. This will help Founder (founder) and Startup get “hard fans”. This is a very potential workforce for Startup. Many unicorn startup employees were loyal customers and “fans” of the legendary founders. They understand more about Startup than others, they also love and trust with the product. This is a great motivation to apply to the company because these employees will definitely work harder than normal employees. Building a personal brand for founder and mission of Startup is also very beneficial in the future when word of mouth from fans will make their relatives and friends excited to apply to Startup.

2. Use Referrals​

The best way to ensure you are hiring brilliant people is to ask the people you already work with if they have any recommendations. This way, you will be recruiting those who are already spoken for rather than strangers. Building a team in this manner creates a trusting, successful array of people who work well together.

You will need to ensure that you know how to hire the best

3. Write a Clear Job Description​

One of the greatest problems when searching for the best candidates is finding yourself dealing with hundreds, or even thousands, of unqualified applicants. The way to avoid this is to make sure your job description is as clear as possible. Plainly state what qualifications and work experience you want your applicants to have, as well as listing all of the daily tasks that they will be expected to perform. Of course, there will always be some who apply for the sake of it, but being as open as possible will make sure most of your applicants are the right people for the job.

4. Consider Hiring Remote Workers​

If you are having difficulty finding talent in your area, hiring remote workers is a good idea. In particular, remote workers are feasible for high-tech startups who need skilled software experts, engineers, data scientists, or special web developers. Hiring people from everywhere has the advantage because the founders have a list of diverse and multinational candidates to choose from. Besides, the salary will also be more competitive and you will not spend the travel allowance, lunch, etc. For them. If hiring a remote worker is not a suitable option, you can consider a “part-time” or “flexible time” options offer in recruiting. For example, a software engineer can work at the office for 3 days/week and 2 days at home to attract more candidates to choose your company.

Hiring remote workers is a good idea

5. Consider Recruiting HR Director/ Expert​

If you have no recruitment experience, and your budget also allows you to recruit an HR director/expert or hire a freelance HR consultant to help you successfully complete the process. Instead of learning from the beginning, an experienced human resource with a relationship will help you do it more quickly and efficiently. It is still a hearing when you choose this option, then the founders need to consider well. Since building products from the experiment, this important position must also have experience in building a team from scratch, breath the air of small startup to aim to build a future big unicorn, focus on caring product experiment and team rolling to adapt to the market. In addition, this position must also have a broad vision and as far as the founders are, to build the brand of employers, recruitment process and attract long-term talents.

6. Don’t Make Decisions Alone​

A second opinion is always necessary when dealing with recruitment. You may think you are the best at reading people, but the more people who have a say, the better the final decision will be. Remember, listen to others’ input, and you will be more likely to select the best candidate for the job.

A second opinion is always necessary when dealing with recruitment

7. Using A Variety Of Platforms To Recruit​

As a startup with a small budget, many founders use only a certain number of recruitment platforms, most are free to post recruitment or search candidates. However, everything has its price. Free recruitment platforms or social networks also help you find potential candidates, but to make search more diverse and quicker, don’t be afraid to consider paid websites or paid recruitment platforms. Plan a time and test the effectiveness of technology platforms and decide which ones to keep the most appropriate.

By following these seven steps, you will be on your way to creating an excellent team that will make your business soar.

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