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Edu2review: Education quality evaluation system

Vietnamese parents are spending 47% of their income on their children’s education, according to TTC Edu’s statistics, while according to the Institute of Educational Research, 75% of parents admit that they are sending their children tutoring. The general education sector is also forecast to grow impressively, reaching $ 89 billion by 2026.

These figures show that the demand for investment in education in Vietnam is huge. But not all training units are qualified and suitable to the needs of learners. Most parents have to spend time and money trying to bring their children to 1-2 tutoring centers and many parents encounter poor quality centers.

In order to provide accurate and transparent information about teaching centers, Mr. Ho Duc Hoan has decided to start a business with the first educational quality assessment platform in Vietnam – Edu2Review. Mr. Ho Duc Hoan, founder and CEO of Edu2Review, shared: “On the side of the centers, those with money and expertise can run ads. Because the advertising content lacks control, it more or less creates a presence in the tutoring market, while the good, reputable, small-scale teaching units have few advertising operations. Realizing the supply and demand in the market, I decided to create Edu2Review, a professional evaluation platform for the first educational centers in Vietnam ”.

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Mr. Hoan shared: “In developed countries, the supply-demand connection model has a foundation to play the role of assessment and booking, thereby helping users to reduce risks and not spend a lot of money. Vietnam, time for self-testing. However, in Vietnam in 2015, there was no foundation for educational evaluation. That is an opportunity for Edu2Review “.

Those who want Edu2Review to be certified will be trained by experts, collect students’ assessments, attend classes to check the quality. The startup is also committed to representing the student’s interests at the center, taking responsibility if the student is dissatisfied and making sure to find another suitable course for that person.

Edu2Review also features video assessment, pictures of schools and centers, helping users to have more information to make better learning options. Users only need to register by email to write reviews including strengths, weaknesses and experiences at the training unit learned. Edu2Review system will evaluate and verify the content before publishing.

Another convenient point is that Edu2Review also has an online course booking service that helps users not have to come to the center to register. The courses and centers range from kindergarten to university, so Edu2Review can meet the majority of the needs of parents and students in Vietnam.

Photo by: Edu2Review

“The current average growth of Edu2Review is always 2-3 times per year and Edu2Review is also leading in terms of brand awareness among students, students and employees in Vietnam”, Mr. Hoan said. know.

Only after 2 years of establishment, Edu2Review has successfully raised capital with a total capital of 1 million USD. Edu2Review also won many awards in the startup community: First Prize of Startup Wheel 2016, Second Prize of Hatch Fair 2016, Top 5 startups competing at APEC 2017. Singapore’s valuation of $ 4.5 million. This startup also appeared on the program Shark Tank Vietnam, invested by Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh and Shark Nguyen Manh Dung.

After 5 years of development, Edu2Review has achieved certain successes. Currently, 70% of tutoring and training centers in two big cities Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are partners of this startup. According to Mr. Ho Duc Hoan, Edu2Review has more than 2,500 partners, 1.5 million visits from users and 7,500 students book each month.

Mr. Hoan also said that Edu2Review has reached breakeven point so far and is about to make a profit. Therefore, in mid-2021, Edu2Review will continue to raise capital to expand the system nationwide, aiming to serve 3 million students per month.

In August, Edu2Review also launched the online learning system This system will help connect students with teachers in a one-to-one form, consistent with the current world learning trend, whether or not the COVID-19 translation occurs.

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