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In the context of globalization and the digital age, the demand for learning and communicating in English is increasing significantly. Nevertheless, there are numerous obstacles to Vietnamese students learning English, such as limited opportunities to practice English speaking, a focus on knowledge instead of practice, or a shortage of English-language centers in remote areas. Therefore, HEY ENGLISH was established to solve these difficulties and meet the needs of learning and speaking English among Vietnamese people.

What is Hey English?

Hey English is an online English practice community via mobile application. With Hey English, you can practice speaking English by topic and make friends with many people.

Hey English is seeded and funded by venture capital/venture builder Nest Tech. The app was first officially launched in December 2021.

Our beliefs

– We believe in the power of education. People should get equal access to education in general and English-language education specifically. By this way, more people will have great work opportunities in the future.

– We believe in the power of community. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ” By sharing our English and practicing with others, we can all grow together.

– We believe that with a strong sense of community, a drive for innovation and the appliance of technology, this product will help learning become fun, effective and cost-saving.

Core Value

– Community: We achieve more when we collaborate, share, and work together.

– Technology: We apply technology as a great solution to many obstacles in the education field.

– Developing Self & Others: We commit to cultivating a culture of personal growth and development.

– Customer focus: We are determined to meet customer needs and optimize the customer experience.

Hey English Distinction

A cost-saving way to learn English

Hey English, as an online platform that applies an automated process with a standardized curriculum, brings an advantage in minimal costs compared to other English centers.

A friendly English-speaking environment

Hey English is a friendly English-speaking community where people can easily approach and practice speaking English with each other or with teachers in a confident and comfortable way instead of tedious lessons.

An easy platform to learn and practice

You can easily learn and practice English anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, with diverse and interesting topics including vocabulary and sentence structure, Hey English can help you practice speaking easily with confidence.

Phone: +84 28 3535 4027 or +84 90 135 4027


Address: Millennium Master Building, 132 Ben Van Don, District 4, Ward 6, Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam

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